June 2021 – Free Stuff!

Premium Content is here! Some posts will be free (as below) and others will require a subscription via paypal or crypto. Those portals are coming soon. I plan to post regularly and this here’s the first go with some unreleased goodies old and new. enjoy!

1. TRAINSONG-1-for-john-fahey-slap-on-gtr_session     
Trainsongs #1 (for John Fahey). This silly sound piece has always been a fave. A good mix never existed because the original multi track, from an early 2000s Immersion Composition session, was held captive by an ancient ProTools version determined to delete major sections. I was finally able to rescue most it and piece it back together. I later had Joshua Tree’s Jim Austin add some great upright bass and then filled it in with some nutty sound effects, going for a John Fahey ‘City of Refuge’ vibe. The voice is from a Jack Van Impe LP.

Remember (Walking in the Sand). The Bodice Rippers was one of the coolest bands I played in/founded during my Oakland, CA time. Megan is a star of a singer and my buddy Chris writes great songs. This classic is, of course, not one of them but a band fave tracked at one of our early recording sessions in 2010 and recently mixed. I did a sort of dark Steve Cropper thing on guitar (which I’d be happy to do all night long). The video became a 2020 Pandemic project, made from old footage I captured in Rhinebeck NY, Storm King Art Center and Bombay Beach, CA

2. lmjd-2020-_-1st-Drone_r1-copy-edit     
1st Drone 2020. This is from a pandemic duo improv session with Joshua Tree amigo, artist and mad sound gadget collector, Jorge Davies

In The Pines. This was recorded in my friend Nina’s living room in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2019. Her friend Eva is the singer for Tabu, the biggest pop band in Slovenia, and this is one of her favorite songs to sing. I was messing around with a spacey ebow version of the chord changes when she grabbed a djembe and just went off. I made the video after escaping the desert for the mountains and pine trees above Palm Springs sometime in 2020.