Heavy Cops and Giant Jeans

Happy New Year. Feels like it’s going to be an interesting one. To start it off as such, how about pulling out some skeletons in the closet?

Lauren Weisbecker, the twelve year old daughter of my high school bandmate and drummer, Will Weisbecker recently posted a comment on The Early Years. In response, I dug around for some nuggets residing in my strange but true audio folder. I found a few that merit exposure:

      1. Heavy Cop

This was written and recorded by my friend and fab musician, Gunnar Madsen back in the late 90’s when Gunnar was a staff composer for Atari Games. He hired me to play metal guitar on this dittie for use in an auto racing arcade game called California Speed. Just imagine yourself tearing down Highway 101, becoming airborne, literally flying, smashing into trees, cars, rocks, and miraculously crossing the finish line – no doubt propelled by this double shot of caffeinated metal riffage. Since neither Gunnar nor I own any rights to this tune, I post it in the hope that one of us will get sued by Atari. We could use the exposure.

The game received a very limited release, but I did encounter it once in real life while on tour with Ramona the Pest. We were hanging out in a random sports bar in Denver, Colorado when the tune sort of wafted by. Hey that’s my guitar! I exclaimed to my skeptical bandmates as we made a beeline to the source and played it quite a few times.

      2. Giant Jeans

This is a recording made in the late 90’s for an ad agency competition. Two friends of Steve Lucky‘s worked for a big firm in SF and Steve got me in on the gig. We recorded it on a 1/2″ 8-track reel to reel deck at my warehouse space in Berkeley. Steve plays organ and I play the slide guitar bits. A fun tune that apparently earned an honorable mention, but lost out to…a heavy metal tune. Apologies for infringing on someone’s copyright here.

And last, a classic from 1988:

      3. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (e.e esckilsen/f. rodgers)

R’n’R with a nod to Mr. Rogers by Manatee, a band I played in with my old college ‘mates. This is from Unlikely Mermen, our first official cassette release in 1988. Recorded on my Tascam Porta Studio 4-track in the 3rd floor living room of a dilapidated mansion in Newport, RI that the bass player and I lived in that summer. It was pretty much one big party and we pretty much wrecked the place. Erik Esckilsen plays the Bob Stinson approved end solo. Never did find out who left the phone message.

4 thoughts on “Heavy Cops and Giant Jeans

  1. erik

    dude – you are definitely in the running for “hardest working man in show business” status. one would almost think you enjoy it or something.

    the skynryrd cover sounds like blue cheer with vernon reid on guitar to me. slow down the heavy cop track and you could have fu manchu, and you know how much i love stoner rock. giant jeans, though, is truly like nothing else. commit that sucker to wax!

  2. Val Esway

    I remember the video game in Denver! I was not skeptical!

    And damn, that’s some pretty major shredding for a fifteen year old, Mr. Needle & Spoon!

  3. Lauren Weisbecker

    Oh my god, thank you so much for recognizing me on Kingtone!! My dad, Will the drummer, showed me yesterday on his laptop!! I have to thank you a million times!!!!!! Now when I type my name in on Google, something actually comes up!! Now more about my dad, he is still rocking as usual, still has the curly hair that looks like a bush, and works at EPV inc. for solar power stuff. He is in Germany right now, but hey, he is doing great, thanks again, Lauren Weisbecker
    oh wait i want to tell you something. My cousin is named Wendy Starland and has an amazing voice, you can check out her site at wendystarland.com thanks one more time!

  4. Gunnar

    Mr. Shred, I am humbled to hear your singe-ing tones on Heavy Cop once again. And I must say, that was some pretty good drum programming I churned out for that. I channeled Lars Ulrich for a brief flaming moment…
    Mucho Lucio forever!

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