First the Spiel.

Most artists survive by funding and patrons of their art.

Original music (especially pop music) resides in a strange nowhere land between art and commerce. The obvious commercial success of many mainstream pop musicians does not filter down and is an illusion for the rest of us.

Original music is, for the most part, poorly compensated in our society. It is often appreciated, but not compensated. The commerce part doesn't supply most independent musicians (those of us without record company affiliation) with a living wage.

We work hard for that 1 hour or so of glory up on the stage and the CD's that we put out. Booking calls, rehearsal, webdesign, recording, trips to kinkos, rent on the rehearsal space, repairs on the tour van, gas for said gas-guzzling van. get the picture. Just like any other business. Yet, most folks think we are somehow monetarily successful at this. HAH! We wish.

For example, clubs regularly take a nice percentage of the door, then the soundman gets paid, then split that with the other bands and what's left? NOT MUCH. See now why we implore you to buy our CD's?! It's all we have control over. And however cheap CD's are to duplicate (especially now with CDrs) it costs us a fortune to record them (recording studios are not cheap). That is where the art lies and that is what we don't get compensated for. So, like many other art disciplines we have decided to seek patrons! Yes, you can become a SUPERPESTPATRON!!!

OPTION #1 The Pest Anything you want to give.

$1, $15, or even a few hours of your time ( email us ) There's so much we need help with. We'll reward you with a little something special, be it a sticker, a poster, lavish praise, etc...

OPTION #2 The Pestulant $100

For this amount we will include your name on our next CD! The deadline for "Contrary Sanctuary is August 1, 2002.

OPTION #3 The SuperPest $250

We will write a song for you with your name in it. Serious. And we'll either perform live for you and if it passes muster it might end up on a future CD!

Become a SuperPestPatron!