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Analog world

I am so loving the sound of this stripped down, all analog set-up. There’s almost always a vintage something-or-other involved in my set-up, but this is my youth all over again. As in: the sound that got me into this thing, have always loved, riffed on, tinkered with and occasionally strayed from – usually for the sake of convenience and weight/transport considerations. There is benefit in this and tone comes from the heart and fingers, but somethings can get lost in translation. All those 0s and 1s…


My new Goodsell Custom 33 amp is one of the most complex, touch sensitive amp I have played (among many). I pretty much can’t stop playing it. And there is simply no replacement for the sound of my 70’s EP3 Echoplex. Every digital emulation fails – and I have tried them all. Toss in some overdrive and fuzz for color and we’re off.

Digital is useful. But good analog? Nothing touches it. As my friend Rance (Lawrence Fellows-Mannion) says about audio gear, “it’s in the iron – if it weighs a lot it probably sounds good”