The HO
The World's only "Live at Leeds" era Who cover band

'The Who has been a lifeless rehash since 1982. However much we know this, the members of the HO are the only guys doing something about it...and more than a note by note rendition, the mission of the Ho is to recapture the notorious swagger and sweat of the Who during its Live at Leeds '70s high point'
Willamette Weekly, Portland Oregon 7/21/04

Don't Get Fooled Again!
The HO roasts the Who with some Maximum BBQ...

The HO, the world’s only Live at Leeds -era Who cover band, brings all the intensity, volume and pomp of a vintage Who concert to a small club setting. The HO combines serious musicianship with good-humoured parody to provide Who fans with what they’ve been missing out on for years - real, raw, unadulterated rock 'n' roll.

Fans just can't explain the thrill of experiencing -- live! -- the windmill guitars, microphone twirls, ripping bass riffs and impossible drum assaults of classic 1970's Who. With tongue-in-cheek, dressed in wigs and vintage outfits -- the boiler suit, sexy suede fringes, eerie skeleton suit, and British target T -- The Ho brings the legend back to life. Their sound is big, powerful and "sloppy" -- a worthy substitute for the original. Best of all, The Ho still has all four original members.

Reclaiming the "punk-rock" spirit the geezers once possessed, The HO features Dave Mello (Operation Ivy, Schlong) as Keith Moon; Lucio Menegon ( the Reverend Screaming Fingers) as Pete Townshend; Joey Schaaf (Zebu) as Roger Daltrey; and Tim Romain (CheckPoint Charlie) as John "Shaft" Entwistle.

So why pay $100 to see The Who do their oldies schtick at some enormous, acoustically nightmarish outdoor venue this summer? Come and get a big ol’ serving of Maximum BBQ instead - while there’s plenty to go around.


2004 Tour Press Release (pdf)

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