…single-handedly redefines the concept of cowboy-boot-gazin’ ambient music while smoking Pell Mell and flirting w/ Ennio Morricone

photo by michele thomas

Lucio Menegon is a guitarist, composer, songwriter and sonic artist. His mish-mash of sound encompasses avant rock, ambient soundscape, film soundtrack, twisted pop and free improvisation. He is currently working on a unifying theory of this mess and his many projects, recording credits and performances throughout North America and Europe are part of an ongoing effort to reconcile extremes and dispense with genre.

Lucio’s film soundtrack compositions have appeared in concert, films and festivals as diverse as The Joshua Treenial to MOFOM Prague to Sundance. His ambient and sound art improvisations range from contemplative to corrosive and have appeared at festivals from Stazione di Topolo, Italy to Sonic Circuits, DC to Sound Emissions in Beijing China. He has improvised with many kindred spirits including Sandy Ewen, Phillip Greenlief, Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Danny Frankel, Ralph Carney, Janie Cowan, Laurie Hyvarinen, Jason Victor, Steve Shelley, Suki O’Kane, David Grollman, Valerie Kuehne, Emilie Lesbros, Pascal Niggenkemper, Damon Smith, Richard Lainhart, Amy Denio and participated in the orchestras of Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and Moe! Staiano!. He has performed and recorded with songwriters Myshkin Warbler, The Adobe Collective, Urban Desert Cabaret, Spain, Victoria Williams, The Renderers, Kim Boekbinder, Edith Frost, Joe Rut and Val Esway, collaborated with film makers Thad Povey, Al Alvarez, Diane Best, Bill Daniel, Butoh artists Christina Braun, Daipan Seattle and counts the SF Bay Area’s Ramona The Pest, The Bodice Rippers, Zebu and The Ho! as past bands of note.

Lucio is a member of the Immersion Composition Society, holds a degree in Economics, has a sharp eye for photography and loves a good story. His is currently based in Joshua Tree CA with New York City and Oakland CA previous homes of note.

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