Presented solo, in ensemble and a dizzying circle of projects and collaborations

with Lauri Hyvarinen (2017)

with Sandy Ewen & Damon Smith (2014)

with Prehistoric Horse (2012)

LM & Tatsuya Nakatani (2015)

Extremophile (Emilie Lesbros, David Grollman, LM) 2014

Paper Balls (Jeff Barsky, David Grollman, LM) 2012

solo (2011)

with Emilie Lesbros, Pascal Nigenkemper, David Grollman (2014)

solo (2010)

Prehistoric Horse (David Grollman, Valerie Kuehne, LM) 2010

LMNo! (LM guitar, electronics, Steve Norton reeds, electronics) 2015

LM & multiple collaborators (2009)