Reverend Screaming Fingers

single-handedly redefines the concept of cowboy-boot-gazin’ ambient music while smoking Pell Mell and flirting w/ Ennio Morricone

The Reverend cut his teeth playing slide guitar to the desert sunrise. Prowling around the big city shined a light on another side of things. Together they forged a style that takes you on a road trip for the ears and eyes. His sermons feature searing yet subtle guitar work, detailed composition, skilled improvisation and a certain amount of chaos. Solo or with a crack band, it is a visceral experience without a particular bone to chew or dogma to doubt.

Influences: Quine, Terauchi, Takemitsu, Fahey, Jarmusch, Eno, Young, Tarkovsky, Frith, Ribot

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No Destination (music for driving and film, vol iii)

Yuma Interlude (live at Furstwurld, Joshua Tree CA with Danny Frankel and Janie Cowan)

Dream of the Desperado (film by jorge davis)

photo by michele thomas