music for driving and film

A three album cycle produced over a span of twelve years with compositions that evoke distant horizons, examine fleeting moments and illuminate shifting perspectives. Each album reveals a sonic narrative with sequenced ups and downs, shifting scenes and scenery and tracks that serve as well for the silver screen as epic drives. 2018’s Vol iii, The Desert Years was recorded in Joshua Tree, CA with Danny Frankel, Damian Lester, Victoria Williams, Wally Ingram, Lisa Mednick Powell and Janie Cowan. press | quotes

“Imagine Ennio Morricone and Brian Eno thumb wrestling in the backseat of a moving ’66 Thunderbird to see who’ll pay the tab after a night of tequilla at a desert punk bar.” – Joe Rut

Dream of the Desperado (film by jorge davis)

Yuma Interlude (film by diane best)

No Destination (film by diane best)

Sort it Out (film by thad povey)

Repeat Performance (film by al alvarez)

Sleep (film by diane best)

Funereal (film by thad povey)

Monsoon Gully (film by jorge davies)

High Lonesome Music for Driving and Film, vol iii

March of the Kodachrome Soldier (film by jim granato)

Caterina (film by thad povey & al avarez)

Instrumental #1 (film by thad povey)