Music for Driving and Film

Music for Driving and Film is influenced as much by traversing vast distances as fleeting moments on the silver screen. Each composition is part of a larger and deliberate sonic narrative – a road trip as such – with sequenced ups and downs, shifting scenes and scenery defining each release.

Vol i showcases the award winning music used in the film short, La Vie d’un Chien and vol ii features tracks from the short, Nightsoil. The final album of the trilogy, Music for Driving and Film, vol iii, will be released in 2017 and features some great players include Danny Frankel, Wally Ingram, Victoria Williams, Lisa Mednick Powell, Damian Lester, Rob Price, Chris Cawthray, Steve Lucky, Wil Hendricks and Pat Spurgeon.

Live performances by Reverend Screaming Fingers brings a more improvisational approach to the material and is also occasionally performed in conjunction with film projection.

You’ve been here before, roaring down a stretch of highway, shifting gears, going from full throttle to a downhill coast, taking in saturated colors, blurring lines, slowing but never stopping. You awake from the dream in front of a giant silver screen that takes you back again.