press: music for driving & film

twangy, dusky masterpiece…a lock for one of the best albums of 2019.– New York Music Daily

on a par with any soundtracks released by Ry CooderBlabber ‘n’ Smoke

Dream of the Desperado comes across as a mashup of rapt Japanese temple music mingled with slow-burn Black Lodge guitar that finally coalesces as a creepy slide guitar blues.– New York Music Daily

Think Ennio Morricone and Brian Eno thumb wrestling in the back seat of a moving ’66 Thunderbird to see who’ll pay the tab after a night of Tequilla at a desert punk bar…..or whatever movie you make up in your head while listening. – Joe Rut (stellar songwriter)

The Reverend is a guitar man and his music is inherently guitar-driven. Its presence, while always very much there in the moment, is expertly blended and always seems to know when to pull back so that the whole of the song, aka ‘the big picture’, retains its maximum integrity, even if the guitar isn’t always the hero of the tune. – Statik Noize

No Destination moves like a fever dream. Its rise and fall dances with a melodic guitar as the blistering day turns to sacred night. Through measures of wavering chords that wash against the stanza’s canvas, and a drum beat the grooves with punctuated syncopation, the song becomes an aching story. It’s easy to imagine a black Cadillac driving down a lonely road with a destination unknown. As it finally peels out of focus, we start to wonder, was it ever really there at all? Skope

movies for the ears – Lucid Culture

…single-handedly redefines the concept of cowboy-boot-gazin’ ambient music while
smoking Pell Mell and flirting w/ Ennio Morricone


Morricone composing surf music on Laudnum…performed at a secret opium den in the basement of CBGB’s
Craig Clevenger – cyber-punk author

really cool neo-spaghetti western thing going on
– J. Perotti WBUR podcast