Reverend Screaming Fingers

Back to the open road, where your transmission is on recess for miles, no shifting gears till the light turns blue somewhere beyond the horizon. The guitar wizard won’t tell you where you’re headed. It might be the film set for a ‘70s Spaghetti Western or a night trip through Metropolis. Don’t worry, it’s just a dream. Lay back and enjoy the ride.-Magnet Magazine

The Reverend cut his teeth playing slide guitar to the predawn light of the desert sunrise while prowling around the big city shined a light on another kind of audience altogether. His preaching takes you on a road trip for the ears and eyes. It pours forth from his soul and is translated through his fingers. There’s dynamic and melodic compositions with searing and subtle guitar work, skilled improvisation, and a certain amount of chaos. Together with some very compelling and absorbing film projection, it guarantees an immersive and artistic experience without any sort of particular bone to chew or dogma to doubt. It just is.

influences: Quine, Terauchi, Takemitsu, Fahey, Jarmusch, Young, Tarkovsky, Ribot
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Yuma Interlude

photo by michele thomas