Reverend Screaming Fingers

As visual as it is visceral, The Reverend’s music has been described as “Morricone composing surf music on Laudnum…performed at a secret opium den in the basement of CBGB’s”. Live performances mash up Music for Driving and Film soundtrack material, sonic palettes and tones, plenty of improvisation and a certain amount of chaos. influences: Quine, Terauchi, Takemitsu, Tarkovsky, Jarmusch, Young, Ribot

Cowboy (Live 2017 LM, Danny Frankel, Janie Cowan, Chris Unck, Vic Williams)

Cubano (2017) Music for Driving and Fim, vol iii

High Lonesome (2017) Music for Driving and Film, vol iii

Yuma interlude (live 2017) Music for Driving and Film, vol iii

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