with other artists

…quickly and creatively coming up with that special something to elevate and support the song or moment, both in the studio and on stage. If you are a songwriter, musician and/or producer – please get in touch!

Myshkin, The Adobe Collective, Dylan Champagne. Danielle French, Dream Zoo, The Bodice Rippers, Joe Rut, Val Esway & El Mirage, Gunnar Madsen, Candlelion, Amy Denio

w/ Myshkin & Wally Ingram

Recent gigs: Myshkin, Wally Ingram, Chris Unck, Ralph Carney, Danny Frankel, Spain (Josh Haden), Victoria Williams, The Adobe Collective, Jofridur Akadottir, Shahzad Ismaily, Lila Rose, The Renderers, Urban Desert Cabaret more