improvisation and sound art

from ambient to to noise to conducted. Presented solo, in ensemble and a continually expanding circle of projects and collaborations.

with Lauri Hyvarinen (2017)

with Sandy Ewen & Damon Smith (2014)

with David Grollman, Emilie Lesbros & Pascal Nigenkemper (2014)

LM solo (2012)

Prehistoric Horse (2012)

LM solo (2010)

ambient/long tone film score (2019)

solo guitar and voice (2018)

long tone prepared guitar (2017)

prepared lap steel, cymbal (2017)
LM & Tatsuya Nakatani (2015)
Emilie Lesbros: voice, David Grollman: snare drum, LM: guitar (2014)
prepared lapsteel and buchla duo (2012) | SpotifyiTunes
David Grollman: snare drum, Valerie Kuehne: cello, LM: guitar (2010)
LM & Steve Norton: reeds, guitar, electronics (2015) | SpotifyiTunes
LM & multiple collaborators (2009) | SpotifyiTunes