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  1. f*

    i loved that ’06 gig and jeannie even did! notorious antirocker that she is…just let me know when the zebu will ride again and i’ll be there (as long as it’s in the bay area that is!)

  2. erik

    dude – you are definitely in the running for “hardest working man in show business” status. one would almost think you enjoy it or something.

    the skynryrd cover sounds like blue cheer with vernon reid on guitar to me. slow down the heavy cop track and you could have fu manchu, and you know how much i love stoner rock. giant jeans, though, is truly like nothing else. commit that sucker to wax!

  3. Val Esway

    I remember the video game in Denver! I was not skeptical!

    And damn, that’s some pretty major shredding for a fifteen year old, Mr. Needle & Spoon!

  4. Lauren Weisbecker

    Oh my god, thank you so much for recognizing me on Kingtone!! My dad, Will the drummer, showed me yesterday on his laptop!! I have to thank you a million times!!!!!! Now when I type my name in on Google, something actually comes up!! Now more about my dad, he is still rocking as usual, still has the curly hair that looks like a bush, and works at EPV inc. for solar power stuff. He is in Germany right now, but hey, he is doing great, thanks again, Lauren Weisbecker
    oh wait i want to tell you something. My cousin is named Wendy Starland and has an amazing voice, you can check out her site at thanks one more time!

  5. Gunnar

    Mr. Shred, I am humbled to hear your singe-ing tones on Heavy Cop once again. And I must say, that was some pretty good drum programming I churned out for that. I channeled Lars Ulrich for a brief flaming moment…
    Mucho Lucio forever!

  6. Miss Lisa

    I know all three people in this band. What are the odds? Looking good, people. Suki reminds me of last Christmas when we happened upon Santacon on Peacock Lane–the most Christmasy street in the Northwest. My son was enchanted and curious about the blue drinks all the Santas were swigging out of water bottles. It isn’t Christmas around here without a bunch of stumbling, bellowing Santas, roaming down the sidewalk. Anyway, this looks like a good situation here.