slThe Overdub Club layer new sounds over artful, hand prepared 16mm film footage – hence the usage of the term overdub. Live performances are a mix of film (often from offshoot project, the Scratch Film Junkies) and digital projection with live music and sampled audio. Each set is considered a unique performance and subject to wonderfully unpredictable analog vagaries.

Core members are Thad Povey, Alfonso Alvarez, Lucio Menegon and Suki O’Kane with a rotating cast of characters that have included Chris Santeramo, Keith Arnold, Kitty Hutton, Mark De gli Antoni and Wayne Grim.r

The Overdub Cub performed to a packed house at the new SF Exploratorium After Dark series in March of 2014, featuring a retrospective of past work as well as new multimedia improvisations.

The group continues working on a rather complex multi-image and sound piece tentatively entitled, Year of the Caves.

The Overdub Club received two grants in 2007 to convert their 2003 Sundance Film Festival live performance piece, Nightsoil, to hi-res HD digital. Featuring a new prerecorded soundtrack, it was released in 2009 and is available for screenings by request.