Mojave:Parallax film score (music•noise•art) 2019
Spacecraft (wee space tapes) 2018
Music For Driving & Film, vol. iii (the desert years) (music•noise•art) 2018
Careful Meat!, Lucifer Meltdown (music•noise•art) 2017
deception|illusion|delusion|inception, The Shade Asked The Shadow (music•noise•art) 2017
The Shade Asked The Shadow (music•noise•art) 2016
PAPER BALLS (wee space tapes/music•noise•art) 2016
LMNo! (music•noise•art) 2015
Extremophile lite (music•noise•art) 2014
An Abandoned Garden, Richard Lainhart & Lucio Menegon (Rubber City Noise) 2013
NorCal Noisefest NFXXVI comp 2012
Praisin’ & Hell Raisin’; A Benefit for LCM Collective 2012
Continuing Experiments in Deconstructing Blues (score) 2011
Music For Driving & Film, vol. II (kingtone) 2011
Prehistoric Horse (music•noise•art) 2010
Piece to Celebrate the Proximity of Pearl Harbor Day and the Death of John Lennon 2009
Sonic Demons CD (Edgetone) 2009
Soundtrack lnstrumentals, Music for Driving and Film vol. 1 (kingtone) 2006
Lumper/Splitter 2005
Solo Guitar 2004
To the Moon and Other Sound Collage 2003
Enter Firestorm 2002

Prague Improvisor Series, Prague, Czech Republic 2019
Stazione di Topolo XXV, Topolo, Italy 2017
Wonder Valley Experimental Festival VII, VI Wonder Valley, CA 2014-2017
Joshua Tree Music Festival, Joshua Tree, CA 2015-2019
Day of Noise, KZSU, Stanford CA 2015
Sonic Circuits Festival of Experimental Music, Washington DC 2014, 2011
Sonorium VI, Salem MA 2012
Alex Cline’s Open Gate Series, Los Angeles CA 2012, 2019
Norcal Noisefest, Sacramento, CA 2011-2012
Sound Emissions Festival, Beijing China 2011
XFest, Lowell, MA 2010-2011
Is That Jazz? Festival, Seattle, WA 2011
Y2Kxx Loopfest, Santa Cruz CA 2005-2006, 2010
Piece to Celebrate the Proximity of Pearl Harbor Day and the Death of John Lennon SF CA 2009
ResBox Series, Los Angeles CA 2009
In the Flow Festival, Sacramento, CA 2009
Balancing Perspectives, Asian Art Museum/JFK University, Berkeley CA 2008
A Crimson Grail, Rhys Chatham, Lincoln Center, NYC 2008
Boise Experimental Music Festival, Boise ID 2006-2008
Liminality- Art on the Edge, SF Exploratorium, SF CA 2007
Glenn Branca’s, Hallucination City for 100 guitars, Disney Hall, Los Angeles CA 2006
Fractaloid, 72 hour live performance piece, Bern Switzerland 2006
SF International Arts Fest, Moe!Kestra, Piece #8 for Strings, Percussion and Prepared Guitar 2005
SF Alt Fest, Moe!Kestra, Death of a Piano, SF CA 2003
Big Sur Experimental Music Festival, Soundshift, Monterrey CA 2003
Norcal Noise Fest, Moe!Kestra, Piece #7, Sacramento CA 2002

Lou Harrison 100th Birthday Celebration Harrison House, Joshua Tree CA 2017
Uncharted Territory (Diane Best) 2017
Joshua Treenial, Joshua Tree, CA 2015
Confessions of a Synesthetic Sailor, (performance/sound design) NYC 2013, 2015
After Dark music and film series, SF Exploratorium SF CA 2014
Desert Stories VII, Hi Desert Cultural Center, Joshua Tree CA 2014
The SF Film Independent Festival 2010
Illuminated Corridor Oakland, CA 2010, 2008-2009
Oakland Underground Film Festival 2009
Cinematheque Phelan Grant Awards, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts SF CA 2007
The Great Wall, Illuminated Corridor, Oakland CA 2007
Music on Film/Film on Music Festival Prague Czech Republic 2005
Nightsoil, Sundance Film Festival Emerging Artists presentation, Park City Utah 2003
The Pornorchestra, Parkway Theater, Oakland CA 2003
SF Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Bay Area Now III, SF CA 2002
Wrapped Around the Screw, Thad Povey (sound design) 2001

Mojave:Parallax film by Diane Best 2019
Singularity film by Diane Best 2018
Argent Starr video score 2016
No Destination film by Diane Best 2015
Women in Mexico score for UK Guardian video by Gaestel/Shelley 2014
The Outside Groove video score 2012
Nightsoil film by Scratch Film Junkies 2003
La Vie d’un Chien, film by John Harden

Tumbleweed Time Machine, 2022
Myshkin, Trust & the High Wire 2018
Adobe Collective, Take Heart, Take Care 2016
Valerie Kuehne, The Apocalypse as Witnessed by a Slice of American Cheese (gold bolus) 2015
HayFever, Live in Wonder Valley 2014
Kim Boekbinder, The Sky Is Calling 2013
The Bodice Rippers, Vol I, II & III 2010-2012
Joe Rut, Injured While Faking Own Death 2010, Joe Rut Live 2012
Danielle French, Drive 2011
Dream Zoo, Dream Zoo 2011
Rhys Chatham, A Crimson Grail (Nonesuch) 2010
Phillip Zuercher, 73D (Swiss Musicians Association) 2008
Moe! Staiano, Two Rooms of Uranium Inside 83 Markers (Edgetone) 2007
Val Esway and El Mirage, Pretend to Believe 2007, Lovers, Liars, Losers 2006
Moe! Staiano, An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein And Other Whereabouts (Rastascan) 2006
Irreplaceable Hand – Dax Pierson benefit CD (Pink Bandana) 2006
Ramona the Pest, Cans of Worms, Little Knives, Contrary Sanctuary 1997, 1999, 2003
Heather Combs, Guilty, To the Good Times 1999, 2000
Gunnar Madsen, Power of a Hat (G-Spot) 1998

New Sounds & Visions creative new music series, Joshua Tree, CA 2015-2016
Avant! Guitar! creative new music series, NYC 2012-2013
Ivy Room Experimental/Improv Hootenanny creative new music series, Albany, CA 2008-2010
The Crucible’s, Firebird, A Fire Ballet, Oakland, CA (cue master & sound technician) 2008
The Crucible’s, Romeo and Juliet, A Fire Ballet, Oakland, CA (sound technician) 2007
No Hype Music & Film Salon, SF, CA 2004
Concert to Raise Awareness about Depleted Uranium, Oakland, CA 2003
The Firegarden (musical director), SF, Berkeley & Oakland, CA 2003, 2002, 2001

ZT Amplifiers Artist 2014
Firegarden Council Art Grant 2007
CESTA Residency, Czech Republic 2006
Best Music Score for La Vie D’un Chien, Guerrilla Film Festival, Philadelphia, PA 2006

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