Seems like a ominous title for this point in time. Back in the year 2000 (just after the first big crash), Ramona the Pest released its second album, Little Knives. ‘Crash‘ was a secret unlisted track that could only be heard after the 20 minutes or so of silence that followed the last song on the CD (ala Nirvana’s original Nevermind CD release). Hence, few heard it and those that did were likely startled out of their inside voice when it came blasting out of the speakers, perhaps while vacuuming (the original multi-task). Back when you had to listen on a stereo or boombox, not computers.

Crash‘ was one of the first songs Val and I had recorded together with just acoustic guitar and voice back in 1993. I had always wanted to produce a sort of Bo Diddley rave up version and finally got the chance with Toby Hawkins on drums. Toby is one of the most creative and talented drummer/percussionists, who rarely ever gets behind a kit. In fact, the the only time I had the pleasure was here and on Gunnar Madsen’s fantastic Power of a Hat record we did together in 1997.

Toby had been over at our warehouse studio doing a djembe overdub when we three got to talking about the old days. Toby suddenly hopped on the always mic’d up red sparkle WFL kit, adjusted a few things to his liking and we were off. Tracked live with Val on acoustic and vocal, myself on electric guitar and Toby on kit. A few backups were added right after and it was done. That’s often how great tracks happen, it all just comes together fast. Val is spot on as usual and I was happy with the guitar work. Check the hi-hat work and the hoodoo groove Toby came up with – really interesting. And when the chorus hits it really swings!

Recorded 100% analog on my dearly missed 1969 3M M23 1″ eight track open-reel machine and Soundcraft Series II board. My guitar chain was also completely analog at the time, so the echo on the guitar (and on Val’s voice during the mix) is for sure a Maestro EP3 Echoplex. Also for sure is my trusty ’67 Tele and ’65 Princeton Reverb. I love this track, hope you do too!