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Occupy This

Dream Zoo @ Delancey 10.31.11 (photo by Storm Garner)

I am finally back in NYC and caught up on sleep after a swell 15 day tour thru NY, PA, DC, VA, MA, QC, ON, MI, IL and OH with Dream Zoo, which also included some great noise collaborations sets with Nick Millevoi, Steve Norton, Colin Fisher and an NYC homecoming Halloween feedback laden guitar trio with Dave Ross and Rob Price. There were lovely visits with locals, some great eats, drives through the countryside and an interesting adventure with Canadian Border Agents that worked out for the positive in then end…I will post some stories, photos and audio links soon.

As to Destroy All Apathy…well it wasn’t all that big a part…and i didn’t pushed it very hard as there were just not that many chances to do so. Perhaps a tour solely focused on the subject like DAP I was…

My sense of the Occupy thing after being there early in the process and having  traveled 1/3rd the USA and some of Canada is that it is a fascinating and real process – an effort toward real democracy. The organized politics/meetings involve many ethnic groups and ages, but are largely dominated by white, educated 20-somethings who have been raised on a much more equitable way of seeing life, politics and economy, are not interested in having a sharp focus but rather registering a general dissatisfaction with income inequality and political/financial coziness.

The movement is certainly on everyone’s radar now, but it is far from being part of the fabric of society, which it needs to be before anything really takes hold. When one is at Zucotti park (or other city occupations we visited on the road), it is completely infectious – like you entered an autonomous sanity zone, where sharing, dialog and debate reigns – really lovely.

Authorities want something to bust up and have found there isn’t anything to really clamp down on – efforts to that end have backfired because this thing is now more about a process – a large town meeting of freaks and normals. This has also kept it somewhat isolated to the physical spaces that are ‘occupied.’ In Washington DC, you wouldn’t know it even existed and when you leave the site, present reality returns and you wonder if you had just visited an amusement park or something.

Eventually something – some event – will trigger a movement of all these occupations toward something bigger – perhaps a march and a MASSIVE OCCUPATION on Washington – where the key to breaking the power of the oligarch’s lies.

I think everyone is waiting for that, maybe it comes in a year, don’t know. In the meantime, Occupy continues to refinea new form of dialog and political process that for those involved feels revolutionary when compared to the present corrupt process.

Destroy All Apathy

The Destroy All Apathy Protest Tour II is sort of a sonic wake up call to get up and do something if you feel like things aren’t exactly going your way with the current cozy political/financial apparatus (perhaps in solidarity with the mushrooming Occupy movement (the first DAAP tour was in 2006 BEFORE the crash).

Many of the sets will be duo collaborations with local artists such Nick Millevoi, Colin Fisher and Steve Norton, some solo, some who knows. Most are piggybacked on the Dream Zoo Tour.

Some of the sets will be on the stage, some at the side of the stage, some might be in the streets. Whatever works. The tour will continue beyond the dates below (nov & dec) with plans to head the south and cross county in January.

Oct 15 – Philadelphia PA @ Magical Menagerie
Oct 16 – Baltimore MD @ The Hamilton Arts Collective
Oct 17 – Washington DC @ Velvet Lounge
Oct 18 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel
Oct 19 – Charlottesville, VA @ Magnolia
Oct 20 – Philadelphia PA @ Marginal Utility (LM & Nick Millevoi)
Oct 21 – Boston MA @ Flopera House (LMNo! – LM & Steve Norton)
Oct 22 – Lowell MA @ Gallery 119 (LM w Loup Garou)
Oct 23 – Montreal QC @ après-midi d’un phon (LMNo!) 4p
Oct 24 – Montreal QC @ La Sala Rosa 1pm & Cafe Popolo 8pm (LMNo!)
Oct 25 – Toronto ON @ Somewhere There (LM & Colin Fisher)
Oct 26 – Grand Rapids MI @ The DAAC
Oct 27 – Chicago IL @ Darkroom Bar
Oct 28 – Chicago IL @ Andrew Rafacz Gallery
Oct 29 – Columbus OH @ Wholly Craft
Oct 30 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Modern Formations
Oct 31 – NYC @ Delancey Bar downstairs (LM/Dave Ross/Rob Price Guitar Mayhem Trio)

Venue Details.

Some of the musicians I’ll be playing with:

Nick Millevoi is a guitarist, composer, and teacher from Philadelphia. He is the co-leader of the avant-garde punk-jazz trio Many Arms (Engine Records, Majmua Music) and a member of progressive chamber-pop collective Make A Rising and Hassidic punk band Electric Simcha. Nick has toured with Discord Records recording artist Joe Lally, and has performed with Gene Coleman, Glenn Branca, and many others. Nick composes regularly for his groups and has also composed a series of six improvisation-based pieces called SHREDfest for various instrumentations, one of which was released by Tiger Asylum Records. In July 2011, New Atlantis Records and Sundmagi Records will release Nick’s debut record of solo electric 12-string guitar compositions, Black Figure of a Bird.

Boston-based saxophonist Steve Norton has been performing and recording for over 30 years, with a bunch of folks to whom he is deeply and forever in debt. His recent work has taken a turn toward more sound-based concerns and investigations into performance gestalt. His focus is on improvisation, which is filtered through a strongly compositional sensibility. Current projects include Duck That, Grizzler, Symptomatic, Kilter, Metal & Glass Ensemble, Spam, solo performance and duos with Vic Rawlings, Curt Newton, Matt Samolis, Noell Dorsey, Marc Bisson and Katt Hernandez.

Toronto based multi-instrumentalist Colin Fisher is an active voice in the creative and improvise North American music scene and has worked with Anthony Braxton, Rhys Chatham, William Parker, Dominic Duval and is a member of Not the Wind, Not The Flag and I Have Eaten the City.

Dream Zoo review

Check out this Dream Zoo review and a few lines about me:

In some respects, the band was a variation on the traditional string quartet, with the fourth string instrument was Lucio Menegon’s electric guitar. At times he blended seemlessly with the other instruments, with his fingering and ebow playing matching the volume and timbre of the acoustic strings. At other times, his playing was front and center, with more of a blues or rock style, with the cello and bass acting as percussion instruments.

The gig was part a very fun Berkeley vs Brooklyn evening with Daniel Popsicle.