Sonic Demons Review by Paper Cuts Magazine

In the Sept 2010 issue of Paper Cuts Magazine:

Title: Sonic Demons
Artist: Lucio Menegon
Label: Edgetone Records
Format: CDR
By Chad E. Williams

It’s hard sometimes to listen to instrumental music and not create movies or
stories in your head. For me that’s often the best part. Lucio Menegon’s
album “Sonic Demons” does the work for you by providing a short story in
conjunction with the music. I’ll let you discover the story on your own as I
don’t want to ruin it, but with or without this strange backdrop the album
is a beautifully executed collection of free-jazz-ish-noise and ambient
pieces that can take the listener to many unusual places.

Menegon performs on all the tracks here with his ability to mix effected
guitar with electronic and atmospheric sound elements to create a unique
aural picture. Sounds range from spacey layered guitars as in the opening
piece “Lucifer’s Meltdown” to harsher improvisations with enough squeaks and
screeching to satisfy any noise fan as on the track “Shrunken Head”.
Additional yummy layers of interest added by a fun vocal piece with Laurie
Amat (The Residents), Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beetwhovern), the fantastic
drumming of David Grollman, guitarist John Hanes, and others. “Sonic
Demons” has a bit of something for anyone with open ears and is certainly
worth checking out and creating some fantastic dream-movies to.

(Kingtone editor corrections: John Hanes plays drums and laptop, Jonathan Segel plays with Camper van Beethoven)