Avant! Guitar! Haiku

Sandy Ewen, Avant! Guitar! Night! May 2013

Sandy Ewen, Avant! Guitar! Night! May 2013

Colleen McCarthy sent in some haiku written at the most recent Avant! Guitar! Night! (with Terrence McManus, Nick Didvkovsky, Andrew Smiley and myself aided and abetted by Catherine Sikora, Jessica Lurie, Kate Pittman, Josh Sinton and Jake Henry). While the last three NYC based events have been musically stellar, it is somewhat dispiriting that attendance has been so meager. That it inspired some haiku helps (more art!). It is often the little things that keep us going…

here’s a warm-up haiku:

For those who speak in
Iambic pentameter,
this will blow your mind

soloists, quartets,
travelers and locals mix
tune up, blare, and rest.

Plants grow majestic
to this improvisation,

Surrender your ears!
Listen with all your organs.
Avant! Guitar! Night!

Prepare to embrace
the noise, the shock arrangements.
They can be trusted.