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Roaming Residency, anyone?

Rabbi Mos' stage art, Carrboro NC

The recent IT BREAKS south east US tour with David Grollman and Brendan Landis was really great. Not a bad show in the lot and we met so many cool folk. Thanks to all of them for putting on shows, telling friends and offering hospitality. We recorded every show and got video of several of them and are processing the results now.

I have a few more NYC area shows in late April/early May, after which there will be a performance hiatus thru late July. The occasional show will surface, but for the most part I’ll be roaming around the east, scoping out possible places to buy an affordable little fixer upper and to test out the ‘Roaming Residency Program’ idea.

Roaming Residency: rather than one night tour stops, the idea is to stay (or be based) in a one place/area for a few days to a couple weeks, getting to know and play with locals, work on music, composition and recording!

So if you’ve got an extra room for me to work in or need a visit this summer, lemme know. I’ll be bombing around in Gertrude, aka the Emergency Music Response Team Vehicle (my 2002 Ford diesel E350 re-purposed ambulance) with gear and a ready made place to lay my head if necessary.

Anything is possible. Anything.

Avant! Guitar! Night in Brooklyn

Thurs Mar 29 is Avant! Guitar! Night. Likely to become a monthly series wherever I am located…which is Brooklyn for now. The first installation is at Legion Bar and is a dandy.

1) James Beaudreau / E. Ryan Goodman acoustic guitar duo.
This past winter, I was watching American Astronaut with music by the Billy Nayer Show, loving the tone dripping tremolo/angular guitar work and thought, “what is this guy up to now?” Turns out this guy is James Beaudreau and he lives in NYC!

2) Brett Zweiman Trio.
Mystical guitar man, $50 Trumpet dude and curator of the local improv freak out called A Night of Clutter, brings it on.

3)  Rob Cambre / Marco Bucelli  guitar / drum duo.
Rob is our guest of honor. Fab guitar maven hailing from New Orleans where he is a driving force with the fabulous Rough 7 and curator/pomoter of improv and out music with folks like Borbetomagus’ Don Miller. Marco is a Brooklyn based drummer (and fellow Italian) with various projects including his collaboration with Xenia Rubinos and Hypercube.

4) Grollman / Lightning / Landis
My new NYC based, twin guitar/electronics & drum trio with David Grollman (snare drum) and Brendan Landis (guitar). Our specialty is short pieces – generally under 3 minutes.