Flux53 showPerformed a solo set at the Flux 53 venue in Oakland this past Saturday evening as a result of Rent Romus graciously sneaking me onto the Edgetone Records Mudwagon CD release show – even though I do not appear on that fine slab of plastic. I followed a very good set by Jay Korber (of Ettrick) with a short blast of solo guitar hystrionics.

Here’s a little something:

      1. Flux-o-rama

Wandering around the space, I stumbled upon a group chores breakdown matrix posted on the wall. This entry was from a gig @ Flux with Prehistoric Horse on this past July at the start of our US Tour. I can report that most of the applicable chores were done, including the cleaning of the bathroom. Thank you nice people of Flux 53.
Venue chores from a gig

Venue chores from a gig