The Art of This

muerto scoreJuly 21
Minneapolis, MN @ The Art Of This. Great gig in a nice art space very near our host’s (la familia Porter) house! There were 30 or so people there – such a rarity to have such attendance at a new music concert – on a tuesday nite no less! George Cartwrights trio of fine players roared thru an hour of continuous improvising and we followed soon thereafter with our bursts of noise. Our sets have been morphing towards shorter pieces and we performed two @ under a minute length. The opening piece was a graphic score i came up with just before the set, titled ‘Muerto Corto’ intended to be fast and furious. And just so, it was. We followed with some longer bits and at some point did a piece intended to fit with in the confines of my point and shoot camera’s 30 sec video capability: