Year of the Dragon

Phuket Old Town, Thailand

The past two months were a blast with two cross country solo tours from New York to Cleveland to Los Angeles and back to Boston with a diversion to southeast Asia in betwixt.

It is an interesting thing when you tour, playing night after night combined with the vagaries of travel, to note the subtle change that begins to overcome your playing – especially where free improvisation is concerned. You get more in touch with the idea that nothing is so important or really matters. That you are there to just play and be present to the moment. Genre becomes irrelevant. You get into the zone. And lo! It just gets better and better (despite the occasional setback).

And who can dis couch surfing when you get to hang out with so many good people? On that note, thanks to my generous hosts Emily Hay, Zoe, The Grays, Mateo Barnett, Derek Johnson, Rob & Kara Wallace, Art Pinsoff, Grady in San Marcos TX, whoever it was we stayed with in Nashville, the DAIKAIJU HOUSE (where my birthday was well celebrated), Gavin and Allison MacArthur, Super Happy Funland and Janet Dewey.

To my intrepid tour mates Joey Molinaro and Eric Alexander – xo, you rock. And to the many players I got to collaborate with onstage – Amy DeNio, Brad Dutz, Emily Hay, Eloe Omoe, Rob Wallace, Alex Henry, Nate Scheible, Bob Drake, Angela Sawyer, Shayna Dulberger, Luther Gray and Steve Norton – you are all so stellar.

I’ll be uploading music and video evidence soon.

Upcoming shows (with more to pop up for sure):

Mar 4 2012 Richard Lainhart Memorial Concert
@ Roulette 509 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY – 3:00 PM
A very special memorial concert for Richard Lainhart (1953-2011). One hour program of music and remembrances following by a 30 minute screening of Richard’s last film work, History of the Future with live score by the Orchestra of the Future. I’ll be playing in the sixteen member orchestra and doing a short live ‘duo-piece’ on prepared/processed lapsteel guitar.

Mar 6 2012 LM @ Brooklyn Scramble
@ Freddy’s Backroom 627 5th ave, Brooklyn – 8:00 PM
with Alice Bierhorst on drums and Ben Galina on bass. Expect a scramble of rock song, instrumental sountrack and free improv.

Mar 9 2012 LM (in a round robin of sound)
@ The Spectrum 115 w. 23rd st. apt. 22, New York, NY – 9:00 PM
a round robin of sound with Spiff Wiegand, Clara Engel, An Historic Beninghove’s Hangmen, Emile Lesbros, Upholstery, Valerie Kuehne

Mar 24 2012 LMNo! (a night of duos)
@ Wombat Zone 68R Dane St, Sommerville MA – 8:00 PM
a night of duos with: LMNo! (LM – guitars/electronics & Steve Norton – reeds/electronics) and Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin)/Marc Bisson (dada guitar mayhem)

Mar 29 2012 AvanT! GuitaR! Night!
@ Legion 790 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY – 9:00 PM
Really excited about this one – with James Beaudreau (from Billy Nayer Show) duo, Rob Cambre (New Orleans)/LM/Marco Buccelli trio, Brett Zweiman, Valerie Kuehne trio.

Mar 31 2012 Prehistoric Horse
@ Sonorium @ The Griffen Theatre 7 Lynde Street, Salem, MA – 8:00 PM
The Horse (David Grollman, Valerie Kuehne, LM) rides again at Andrea Pensado’s series. improv, sound collage, noise, ambient, performance, projections with
Gang Clang Mafia, One-Armed Mist, High aura’d, Northern Machine

Apr 5 2012 LM & Laurie Amat
@ Vaudeville Park 26 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY – 8:00 PM
An improv session with visiting artist Laurie Amat (SF CA)

Apr 7-14 2012 Grollman/Landis/Menegon – a new twin-guitar/electronics + drum trio featuring short spastic pieces
Sonic Circuits, Wash DC – April 7
LaunchPad, NYC – April 14
more dates tba