Richard Lainhart (1953-2011)

It has been an honor and privilege to know, record and perform with Richard Lainhart, an amazing musician, sound sculptor and human being.

Richard and I met in late 2009 in NYC at an “experimental” music curation that we were both participating in. His sound and composition esthetic overwhelmed me and I felt an immediate connection with it. It was a language I understood. He was kind enough to allow me to sit in with him at a later performance date, Richard with his Buchla modular synth and Hakken Contiuum controller setup and myself on prepared lap steel guitar and effects. We soon thereafter began to record sessions at his home studio, generating enough material which I hope to edit, master and have released in 2012.

Richard and I performed together again on several occasions in 2011. At our last show together, December 11 in Brooklyn, Richard reminded me that I was the only person, other than himself, to perform his Orchestra of the Future improvised live score to his History of the Future film (an assemblage of Prelinger Film Archive material) more than once – as it was his intention to have as many new players be a part as possible.

Thank you, Richard for your sonic legacy and big heart.